My Life Purpose

Dear friend,

I want to share why I live a nomadic lifestyle, and prefer it.

Several things.

First of all, I’m happiest when I’m making stuff. I like making poems, videos, photos, to teach, share experiences, and learn.

That’s pretty much it. I think the purpose of my life is to maximize my own self-erudition for the sake of helping empower others.

Everything else is superfluous, and mostly a distraction.

For example, things I don’t care for, or things I don’t need/desire:

  1. I’ve been brainwashed by American culture that I must own a home. But I found this to be a distraction and false. I’m actually happiest when I’m living in the most simple living quarters, which is either living in a hotel room (like now in Saigon), or just living at home with Cindy’s mom’s house. I believe once you no longer desire to own a home, your life will become much more simple. You don’t need to plan on slaving away at your job for your entire life with the off-chance that you might buy a home (which is insane, around $500,000 USD+ for a “modest” home in California).
  2. Secondly, the need to own expensive stuff or an expensive car. For example living here in Saigon, I prefer not owning a car. Why? It’s easier, more convenient, and better to take taxis, Uber/Grab, or to just walk. Being stuck stuck in traffic (while driving yourself) is no fun. So another distraction dodged; no real desire to own a car which might cost $40,000-$200,000 USD one day).
  3. Nobody to impress: I don’t need to live in New York City, or any other “happening” place, to attend fancy parties or events. Therefore, I’m not trapped to live in one spot.

All I desire is this in my life:

  1. Never stop learning, augmenting my knowledge, wisdom, seeking truth, etc.
  2. Sharing this knowledge with others, while also making my own artwork. Passing my information forward.
  3. Having in the future my own children to teach, instruct and pass on my wisdom, ideas, and to empower them (for them to one day continue empowering all of humanity).
  4. Showing and sharing love to others; to Cindy, my family, friends, and anyone and everyone I meet.

That’s pretty much it.

I’ve been to all the fancy places in the world. I still like and appreciate traveling, but it’s no longer an imperative or necessity to me.

I’ve already eaten all the good foods. I still appreciate good food, but I eat to live; I don’t live to eat (Socrates).

I’ve already been entertained enough, and had enough novel experiences. I’ve achieved “world fame”, recognition, and admiration from others. I don’t really need that stuff no more.

So what’s left? To keep learning, creating, and sharing with others.

Living nomadically is beneficial, because you don’t get distracted or tied down by material things, the desire to buy and possess more material things, and also by living on the road, you generally live a more interesting, engaged, epic life.

I like living in a hotel; everyday (several times a day) talking to the hotel staff, joking around, walking across the street to workout at the park and chat with the kids there, and going to nice coffee houses (with super fast wifi) to do my creative work. I like making photos on the streets, and making my own beats. I also like eating the cheap all you can eat meat.

Pretty simple.

Obviously it’s useful to have more money. But for what?

For me, earning more money can help employ my sister Annette. Earning more money is kinda like a game; at this point I don’t need any more money on a practical standpoint. I can only drink so much coffee, and eat so much food. I already have all the content creation tools I need (laptop, phone, tablet, digital camera, etc).

So what next?

To keep innovating. To discover more interesting truths about art, life, beauty, visual perception and visual creation. To continue my pursuit into art and philosophy, and to dig deep, and share this gold with others. To empower myself, in order to empower all of humankind. To die with no regrets.

Thank you for always accompanying me on this journey.

I encourage you to never give up on yourself, to never stop creating and for you to never stop sharing.