Photography is Magic!

Photography is the best magic that exists!

Illustrations by Annette Kim ( We are currently working on a children’s photography book. Email Annette if you’re interested on being put on the waiting list!

Dear friend, never forget how magical photography is. Isn’t it incredible that we can record visual space, in a fraction of the second (for free) with digital technology, and make these precious moments eternal?

To me, photography is augmented reality: by putting our viewfinder or lcd screen to the world, it becomes more vivid and interesting!

With the camera, the world becomes exciting and fun! The whole world is your opportunity to explore and make beautiful visual art from whatever you see!

And photography is the ultimate democratic art form. You can make photos with your phone or any camera that suits your personality!

This is an homage and a song of gratitude for this beautiful and magical gift we have of photography.

Let us always see the word like children, full of wonderment, appreciation, and excitement.

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Email if you are interested in our upcoming photography children’s book, especially if you have a child in your life you wish to empower through the magic of photography!

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