Shoot Your Passion

Dear friend,

Only photograph what you love or what you’re passionate about.

Your life is short, uncertain, and fleeting. Why waste any of your time or life making photos which you think others will like, instead of shooting what you like?

Don’t shoot for likes or the approval of others. This is the quickest way to losing your passion for photography. By shooting what you’re passionate about, you have the following benefits :

  1. You won’t lose motivation to shoot.
  2. Your photos will feel more authentic and genuine to you.
  3. You will embed more of your heart and soul into your images, which will end up affecting your viewers on a deeper level!

As a photographer, you’re both an artist and philosopher. What are you trying to say through your photos?

For myself, I want my photos to show optimism, joy and hope in life.

How about you?