Pull up to your creative gas station
It’s premium
No self hate or poison, it’s unleaded

If you need inspiration, break bread with your brethren
It don’t matter if the wheat is white, rye, or unleavened
Take your amp, crank it to 11

Life is bitter, but starch it up, make it sweet
Just put on some dope jams, and ride the beat.

Stay alive, stay true, stay you. Fulfill your own creative vision, even though your view is foggy and has lost its hue
Just make new new photos. How do you do it? You know bro.

Even though it’s cold and might snow, put on some Goretex and shoes and turn off the news.
Get out the house and take your camera along
Make photos which make your heart sing; make your own visual song.

You don’t need a crowd or a throng, stay in yourself, like a hidden thong.

What are you waiting on, what are you waiting for?
The whole world is your own uncharted ocean, make it flow.


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