When Given the Option, Take the More Adventurous Option in Life!

Dear friend,

A thought I have: when life gives you two options:

  • A: Safer, less risky option
  • and
  • B: Riskier, more uncertain, more adventurous option

Take the option B: the riskier, bolder, or more interesting/adventurous option to live a happier, more fun, and more interesting life!

My reasoning is this:

  1. What we often perceive as being the “safer” option isn’t actually that safe. For example, the banker who had a “safe” job, ended up losing their shirt during the subprime mortgage stock crash. In the thinking of Nassim Taleb, there is no truly “safe” option in life, and all risk-assessment tools we have right now aren’t accurate.
  2. In today’s society, it is pretty much impossible to stave to death, or die from the cold, die from thirst, etc. Therefore, to me it means that we shouldn’t let fear of impoverishment/death dictate our lifestyle choices, or how we decide to live our lives! I believe living a more interesting life means to take more chances, to take more “calculated” risks, and for us to take the more adventurous option in life!

For example, let’s say you have two options for a vacation:
– Option A: The “tried and true” place you like to travel to, and
– Option B: You have another option of a place which you haven’t been to yet, but it might be even better or more interesting place than option A.

Which do you choose?

I believe taking the Option B in life is far more interesting, fulfilling, and fun for us in life, than taking the “safe”/boring Option A!

For myself whenever I take the less certain route/option in life, I learn more. I develop more. I evolve more. I have more new and exciting ideas which spark in my mind. Encountering random and novel ideas are a positive stimulus to my life! This randomness , chaos and chance is what makes life interesting, exciting, and worth living!

Other ways to apply this line of thinking in practical ways of life:

  1. If you’re given a more risky job option, take the riskier job than the “safer job”, especially when your potential upside is higher than the safer choice. For example, opt for working at a “risky” startup, which can revolutionize the world, instead of taking the “safe” job at Google or Microsoft.
  2. If you’re out shooting photos on the streets, don’t always walk in the same neighborhoods or areas. Add variety to where you shoot photos! Shoot in new neighborhoods, and realize that you don’t need to travel far to find interesting and new places! Even shooting photos in a different part of your town will be sufficient “differentness” to stimulate your creative spirit!
  3. Spend more time with interesting people, and going to interesting social gatherings, parties, or get-togethers. You will increase your likelihood of meeting interesting people who will empower you. At worst, you might just waste an evening.

“Yall here still taking advances, huh? Me and my n*ggas are taking real chances, huh!” – JAY Z

Your life is short. At best you’re going to live to be 100 years old. At worst you might die tonight in your sleep.

Why waste any second, day, hour, or duration of your life doing boring stuff? Taking the boring option in life?

You were destined for epic greatness. Never let fear hold you back from taking the more adventurous, interesting, or bold option in life!