ERIC KIM Street Photography Portfolio


YouTube Slideshow: ERIC KIM Street Photography Portfolio // BEATS by KIM

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Woman with popsicle. Downtown la
Downtown LA, 2011

Woman suit not smiling. Eric kim street photography

Portra 400 flash without permission. Hong Kong, woman with hand on face. Exchange currency. Street photography eric kim.

Eric kim Wells Fargo flash street photography nyc

Tokyo man red hat flash street photography without permission, flash, Ricoh gr ii

Laughing woman nyc

NYC mad men, suit, cigarette, Pentax 645z

Black and white dark skies over Tokyo eric kim street photography

Woman broken glasses eric kim street photography flash, black and white, Leica m9

Tokyo race track suit, black and white, newspaper, candid street photography eric kim, Leica m9

Whisper Mumbai gesture

San Diego hall man suit

Downtown la woman smoking flash

Downtown la flash

Dance Chicago low angle wide lens

Three kids Chicago eric kim black and white street photography

Jazz hands eric kim street photography

My Mom / Hanoi, 2017