Avoid the Ephemeral

Tokyo, 2016
Tokyo, 2016

The ephemeral is what fades, and doesn’t last.

What fades and stays?

Everything is ephemeral to a certain degree. Fame, wealth, and power is ephemeral. Look at the power that Alexander the Great once had— it is all mist and dust now.

Relationships are ephemeral — friends come and go, yet the experiences, love, and time together lasts forever.

Possessions are ephemeral. No matter how expensive your camera, car, home, or stuff— it will (eventually) disintegrate back into the earth.

What is (less) ephemeral?

For me, I try to invest in experiences, relationships, and meaningful work.

Experiences last a lifetime. Because no matter what, the memory of the experience will always live with you.

Relationships last a lifetime. You can lose friends, but nobody can rob you of the good times you had with them.

Doing meaningful work can last beyond your lifetime— sharing empowering ideas, thoughts, or building organizations that will help future generations. Of course this is ephemeral to a certain point— but I’ve found that personally-meaningful work is the only thing that has empowered me.

Questions for yourself

  1. Will this material thing last?
  2. Will this experience last?
  3. Will this relationship last?

Some thoughts to always consider.


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