Better to Die Enormous than Lie Dormant

Dear friend,

You were destined for greatness, grandeur, and an epic life — why choose the safe route?


I got this line from JAY Z:

“Better to die enormous than lie dormant.”

It is one of my personal philosophies in life.

Sketch on iPad Pro and Procreate App
Sketch on iPad Pro and Procreate App

This is my theory:

In today’s world, our chance of dying of starvation, the cold, or thirst is pretty much zero.

Human DNA and biology is hardwired to first, prevent ourselves from dying. Then, we seek to find purpose and meaning in our lives.

You didn’t choose to be born. You didn’t have a say in the matter.

But, now you can choose how to live your life. Do you want to live a normal and boring life, or would you rather take epic risks in life, to push yourself, to see what you’re capable of, and what your personal limit or maximum is?

The world is a beautiful, exciting, and amazing place. Why stay indoors, in your apartment, just checking social media, blogs, and your phone? Instead of Netflix and “chilling” at home — why not “carpe diem” (seize the day) like Horace?

Trust me, I like comfort. I don’t like danger. I like the status quo.

But, everyday, I seek to push myself outside of my comfort zone. I’m interested in finding the personal maximum in my life.

Strategies I employ:

  1. Assume I can do anything
  2. Allowing myself to follow my personal curiosity for no reasons, but for fun — like how Leonardo da Vinci allowed himself to follow his personal curiosity in all fields
  3. To only judge yourself — to let nobody else judge you, but yourself.
  4. To experiment with all forms of visual art — making drawings on the iPad, making pictures, taking risks in street photography, studying what makes dynamic compositions, and seeking to empower myself and others with art.
  5. To discover my limit: push myself to push myself 25% more than I think I can.

You got this. Be strong. Never doubt yourself. Let’s hustle and advance together.



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