Fashion. Saigon, Cindy


Fashion. Saigon, Cindy
Saigon, Cindy 2017

Dear friend,
Do you give a fuck about your own life, and the life of others?
Or are you blasé, disinterested, like a deadbeat mother?

Do you give a fuck about living, and being alive? Every morning when you awake, do you jump and jive? Or do you fall into a depressive nosedive, like a black hole with no ending?

Fuck it, let’s play rewind, let’s start from the beginning.

Saigon, Cindy. 2017
Saigon, Cindy. 2017

You were put on earth, and given life. It wasn’t your choice, but the reality is that you’re here. You probably have 90 years (at best) how to steer your life.

Treat the world like your own jungle gym, or your own pit of sand. You can use your hands to mold your life and reality… the way you want to. You can’t change the scorched earth, but you can put on some thick-soles shoes.

Saigon, Cindy. 2017
Saigon, Cindy. 2017

You can’t control the hue or the color you were born into. You might be black, white, red, or a different type. You might have been born ripe or undercooked. But you’re the author of your own life, write the chapters to your own life’s book.

On the escalator at the mall. Saigon Center, 2017 #cindyproject
Saigon, Cindy. 2017

Do you give a fuck about the world, or the work you do? If you don’t, would you change your attitude if you knew that you didn’t have more of life given to you?

What if you knew that you only had 5 years left to live? What would you do, or tell your kids?

If you only had 5 years left, what kind of art would you have left behind you? What kind of legacy do you want to bring your future kids to?

Cindy mirror. Saigon, 2017
Cindy mirror. Saigon, 2017

Do you give a fuck about your loved ones? Do you kiss them goodbye, hello, and say, “I’m proud of you son”?

Do you give a fuck about yourself, and your own health? Do you aim to stay healthy, to become stronger and more aware? Or would you rather drown your sorrows and regrets, in your own liquor and despair?

Do you care about the direction your life is going?
Do you care that life is like a desert stream and will not always keep flowing?
Do you care if your inside is broken?
Will you rise above your personal calamities, and press “continue” and throw in another token
At the arcade
Of life
… the sad truth… in real life
You’re only given 1 heart, one life.



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