How to Make More Photos

So we established the fact: to be happier is to make more photos.

But how can we make more photos? Some ideas:

  1. Buy ERICKIMSTRAP for your RICOH GR II, and keep your camera strapped onto your wrist as often as possible. Or, wear your camera like a necklace whenever possible. Always have your camera with you, and ready to shoot.
  2. Just shoot with your phone: Use the default camera app, just point and click.
  3. Use P (program) mode, ISO 1600 (or auto-iso, if that works for you), center point autofocus (if you use manual lens, keep it at f8 and pre-focused to 1.2 meters). This means you don’t need to fumble with your camera settings before shooting.
  4. If you want to SEE photo opportunities, you CANNOT be distracted by your phone. To shoot more, TURN OFF your phone or switch it to airplane mode.
  5. If you’re shooting in the streets, you need all your senses to be aware. So don’t shoot photos while listening to music. Because you’re going to be focused on the music instead of shooting photos. But, if shooting music helps you focus and feel more empowered to make photos, listen to music. Just experiment and see what works for you.
  6. Only own one camera and lens. Sometimes owning too many cameras discourages us from shooting. Why? Because we get anxiety that the camera we take with us isn’t “good enough.”
  7. Shoot with a camera that you wouldn’t mind being stolen. This will help encourage you to shoot in more dangerous, or sketchy neighborhoods, which might make good photos.