What if we lived a life full of passion, enthusiasm, and excitement for life?

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Passionate living

Ok, I am for the “Passionate Lifestyle”. I think we should pursue what we are passionate about. If we work hard enough, and lucky enough, we can make our passion our living. If not, there’s no shame either.

Anyways, I believe in a “passion-led life.”

We can just make a living doing a whatever side job. Our focus in our life should be to focus on what truly brings our heart on fire.

I’m onto the NEXT ONE.

For me, my passion is creating and sharing empowering information. To me, information is everything. Photos, videos, text, art, illustrations, poems, books.

The reason I love living with passion: I’m fucking enthusiastic about life. I love living. I wake up everyday with a purpose.

I still wake up feeling shitty and tired. But two cups of coffee in, I feel much better. Then I plug into the Matrix (the internet) and get to work.


If we had no purpose or direction in life, why live?

I don’t think we need to know what our final destination is. But we should have a moral compass that leads us. Or at least, we should follow our hearts, and set sail to the winds of uncertainty – letting Lady Luck and our souls to guide us.

Generally, I follow my gut. My gut is smarter than my brain.

When I am half asleep, napping, or awaken in the morning, I usually have random ideas. I jot them down. Often these subconscious ideas are my best.


Lamborghini Mercy

Your drive should be inner.

If you need someone to “motivate” you, you probably shouldn’t be doing it.

If you need someone to “motivate” you to do anything, you will ultimately end up feeling like a slave. For example, don’t be forced to go to the gym, eat healthy, make photos, write, whatever.

I don’t think there is an ultimate “purpose” we’re put on earth for. Rather, we have to make our own self-driven purpose for living. Our own personal manifesto for living.

Avoid distractions

Fly high.

What was your passion as a kid? Can you still do that in your free time, instead of looking at Instagram or watching Netflix?

If your passion is photography, make more photos, and share more photos.

For more control over your photography and creative output, make your own photo blog (get off Instagram). and install Use a free theme, or the paid Genesis theme which I use with the “Monochrome” child theme. Focus on photo essays and series. You will find more meaning.

Ruthless self-improvement


Ok, we live in a cult of self improvement. A lot of it is bad, because we never feel “good enough” about ourselves.

My idea:

Hustle hard to improve yourself everyday. Level up in life. Add experience points, HP, Strength, and Agility to yourself. Slay, everyday, all day.

But also feel good about yourself, that you’re making progress.

Treat life like an RPG. You’re trying to level up to level 99. And what do you do when you’re level 99? Easy, start a new character, or seek to help your “party members” (aka, your family, friends, local community, then all of humanity).

How to life with more passion


Some ideas:

  1. Ruthlessly cut out distractions: the fewer distractions, more time for your passion. I don’t watch TV, or use social media. More focus and energy to write, blog, photograph, and make stuff.
  2. No excuses: if you have a roadblock, use that as fire to add to your flame. Obstacles will make you stronger, because they force you to be more innovative and creative to surpass them. For example that’s why poor people become great entrepreneurs (like myself, growing up poor without resources forced me to become self-resourceful).
  3. You’re gonna die tonight: if you were going to die in your sleep tonight, what would you do today, and not do today?
Mad Max: this guy really wants to live.


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