How Do Images Affect Your Soul?


We often forget that images, and photos should influence our emotions, mood, perspective, and soul.

Why photography?

Hà Nội, 2017 #Cindyproject

Why make photos at all?

Some ideas:

  1. To document memory: As humans, we’re afraid of the death of our loved ones. Photographing our loved ones is to try to immortalize them.
  2. To document history: We hate change. We try to make the world static, by capturing and freezing a moment in history as a photograph.
  3. To express our creative instinct: To be human is to be creative and to create. We all have an instinct as a child to create. If we’re not allowed to express that creative instinct, as go insane or get depressed.

Your soul

Hà Nội, 2017 #Cindyproject

Your soul is something that cannot be described in atoms, bits, or information.

Our soul is what makes us human.

I don’t think our soul is immortal. Once we’re dead, our soul is dead too.

Our soul is probably a synthesis of our body, mind, and environment. I know my mood, perspective, and emotions are greatly influenced by my surroundings. For example, I feel different in Dubai than Saigon.

So ask yourself, how does your soul become influenced by other images, and by your own images?

Images, not photos.

Hà Nội, 2017 #Cindyproject

A change for myself: I think of images, not photos.

Photos are just another type of image. Images also include graphic design, illustration, sculpture, or anything that enters our eye balls.

When visual information enters our eye balls, it influences our brain and mind. And that stirs our emotions and soul.

My soul

Hà Nội 2017, #Cindyproject

For me, images affect my soul by empowering me. If I see an image of Achilles in the heat of battle, I feel more powerful. Or when I watch the 300 movie, and see the 6 pack of the Trojan warriors.

When I see dollar bills, my heart races. I feel more selfish, greedy, and self centered.

When I watch Lamborghini YouTube videos, I feel faster, with less drag, and more power. I think of cutting the superfluous weight in my life, while also making myself more aerodynamic and agile. And adding horsepower.

My photos

Memento Mori.

My photos challenge me to think myself of my own mortality and the shortness of my life.

My photos affect my soul by telling myself:

I love living, and being alive is a blessing. Let me not waste my life.

So friend, how does photography influence your soul. Share your insights to ERIC KIM FORUM


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