Shoot With a Kiss.

Make luscious photos– make delicious photos that you can lick with your lips.

Don’t shoot from the hip, put your camera to your eye– don’t disguise that you’re making a photo.

Shoot openly, freely, with a smile. Hang out with your subjects, and shoot photos of them for a while.

Offer to email them the photo. Show them your LCD screen, and always stay transparent with your subjects; transparent sheen.

Never look at the photos of others, green with envy. Rather, shoot your own reality– relentlessly.

But don’t shoot tensely. Be free. Shoot with a smile, with glee.

Don’t tell your subjects to “cheese”– tell them to look into the lens and not smile. But shoot playfully, like a grow-up child.

Make your own style. No definitions in your photography. Treat all the masters of photography like your guides; never hide.

When in doubt, throw it out.

Travel lightly. Just carry your camera and a pen. And keep hitting the streets, again, again, and again.

Photography is a marathon. Be the tortoise not the hare.

Make your photos naked; bare your heart and soul in your photos. Make your own creative garden and grotto.

Do it pronto. Do it now. If you start your street photography journey today, you will go far.



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