Fight Monotony with Street Photography

Street photography: the best way to fight the monotony of everyday life.
To fight the strife, of putting in 40-hour weeks
At a job that makes us bored and meek.

In street photography seek
Human connection
Make your photos have an upward swing; like a verbal inflection.

Make your own visual lexicon in street photography,
Capture the reality that makes you feel free
Keep pouring your creative waters; keep the tea pot full.

SF, 2015

Fight the lull of the 3’o clock drag
Life sometimes might attack you with snags
Or feel slow like lag.

Be strong; life is a runaway stag
Keep shooting street photos like a magazine of bullets,
You are now a creative culprit.

Don’t listen to the choir or pulpit of photography bloggers
Rather be your own life-logger.

Life is sweet like dark chocolate,
Your camera is your key: unlock it.