Good times in Hong Kong

Dear Kai,

I want to write you this (public) letter on why I admire you.

I. Thank you thank you thank you Kai

First of all, I want to thank you so much for helping me to get to where I am. The video you made for me (also thanks to Lok, Alamby, Richard, and digital REV crew) really skyrocketed me. You truly helped me so much — so thank you thank you thank you.

II. You are true to yourself

Secondly, I admire your humor, wit, and how you stay true to yourself. You don’t take yourself too seriously — and I always love your tongue-in-cheek British humor. The thing I think that most people don’t know about you is that you are a TRUE BRIT. You just happen to be stuck in Asian skin (like me).

A lot of people give you shit, but I think you’re fucking awesome. You’re probably the funniest, most clever, and innovative photographer I know — especially in terms of YouTube.

I think a lot of people like you (myself included) because you don’t censor yourself. You say what is really on your mind. You ain’t no slave to public opinion.

III. You got this shit

I have no idea what it is like now that you’re flying solo — but I just want to encourage you. I don’t know how you are monetizing or whatever— but just know, you are the most famous photographer in the world. Period.

You have a dedicated and loyal following, because you don’t compromise.

You are successful (already) — because you are who you really are. After meeting you in ‘real life’ — you are so much more intelligent, considerate, and kind than people realize.

IV. You are a good human being

I admire your love for your wife, your sincerity, and your intelligence. I truly believe that humor, wit, sarcasm, and comedy are signs of high intelligence. And you really are the Jeremy Clarkson of the photography world (and a lot less racist).

V. You inspire me

You inspire me to add more humor and realness to my videos, my blog posts, and whatever.

You are the most famous photographer alive— keep holding that mantle, sharing your humor, and love of photography with all photographers in the globe.


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