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ricoh mafia

I do genuinely believe that the Ricoh GR II is the best camera for 90% of photographers out there.

leica lust - eric kim

I always told myself, if I had an expensive camera (Leica) I would be able to achieve my fullest potential.

But in truth, the rangefinder is quite limiting. Only .7 meter minimum focusing distance. I’m more creative with the Ricoh GR II with the macro mode, and integrated flash.

The Ricoh GR II fits in my front pocket. It is always with me (like a smartphone). Therefore I miss fewer ‘decisive moments.’

The Ricoh GR II stays in “P” (program) mode, center point autofocus, ISO 1600, and I just ‘set it and forget it.’

If I see a good moment, I don’t hesitate or think. Like a good STREETTOG I just shoot from the gut, and choose my best photos afterwards when I go home.

Just use your smartphone

Ultimately, I think the truly best camera is a smartphone. Because for most people, it is always with you. The more you shoot, the quicker you will learn. The easier it is to have your camera in your front pocket, the fewer ‘decisive moments‘ you will miss in life.

My buddy Brendan O’ Se has done a project for the last 3 years, photographing his children while they are asleep. It is a beautiful project, and he said it best– “I know I will not bring my Fujifilm or DSLR camera upstairs, my mobile phone is always with me.”

Never miss any decisive moments in your life

So friend, use the smallest, most compact, most convenient camera for everyday life. Don’t miss any decisive moments in your life. Your life is short and valuable.

Also consider, when you spend a lot of money on a camera– that money is your life, and your time — the most valuable asset.

Let’s say you spent 6 months saving up for a new camera. You just wasted 6 months of your life — 6 months you will never be able to ‘regain.’ If I were you, I’d rather use that money to either travel, buy books, attend workshops, or educate yourself. Time is the most valuable thing in life– far more valuable than money, equipment, or any gear. Your only luxury is time.


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