eric kim black and white street photography hanoi-0012176-PICK HANOI


eric kim black and white street photography hanoi-0012176-PICK HANOI

Eric — if you bought that new Leica, you would realize your potential.

Eric— if you got that new medium-format digital camera, you would suddenly have more sharpness, detail and 3dness in your photos. You would be able to capture more of the human condition through the reality-piercing medium-format sensor.

Eric— if you had a more expensive camera, people would take you more seriously. Your lack of experience, your young age— wouldn’t matter. Because if you have an expensive camera, people will take you more seriously.

Eric— you only live once. Just buy that camera. You know it will make you more inspired. You will feel more willed to taking more photos, and finding more personal meaning in your life.

Eric— if you get that new camera, you will make better photos, and get more likes and followers on social media. You will be able to augment your own self-esteem through red hearts and the number of 1’s and 0’s in your follower count.

Eric— disregard the fact that the more expensive the camera — the more time you’re wasting in life. Disregard the fact that buying an expensive camera is subtracting time from your life. Disregard the fact that money is more valuable than time in life.

Eric— forget that you’re going to die one day. Because Peter Thiel is going to ‘cure’ aging.

Eric— forget that the purpose of photography is to find more appreciation of your loved ones. Forget that photography’s purpose is to find more meaning in life.

Just buy that camera, and you will be happy forever— and will never need to buy another camera ever again.

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