lambo back-eric kim black and white - taupe FINAL


lambo back-eric kim black and white - taupe FINAL

Lamborghini MERCY
our souls be so thirsty
for something true and real
and worthy to become me.

Lamborghini SPEED,
living fast life in the GREEN
Always stay mean and hungry
never tongue-in-cheek me.

Lamborghini LINES
my mind is so DIVINE
I got the spirit
of God dwelling inside me.

Lamborghini design,
your curves be so fine
drifting through the roads
like flowing red wine.

Lamborghini compromise
you got none
When you start and begun
never forget life ain’t no zero sum
game — just a way to decrease the pain
of others.

Don’t be scared— take off the covers
aint no boogey-man
Stay true to your master plan
and understand
we were put on Earth for a purpose
to serve something larger than ourselves.

No matter how high we stack our wealth
only time will tell
if we’ve lived a virtuous life.

Let me never take my wife
for granted
and keep on shining my lamp
to guide my brothers and sisters
to shout the truth— not whisper.

To be strong, not meek.

I can turn the other cheek
because I’m stronger than others

I’m like Wolverine
with adamantine steel,
I’m like Batman with the armor
I’m like Iron Man with the money,
I’m like the bees with the sweet nectar and the honey.

Honey please— sit down for a second, please?
Ask yourself— what are your needs
versus your wants?

Whenever you create art
just bleed onto the page
don’t care about your monthly wage
treat the whole world like your stage.

Praise the higher power,
and hold all your hours in your hands
and remember where your life began.

With your mother, your dad, your sister your brother
your aunts, your uncles, your ancestors and others.

Never forget where you came from,
because the day you die,
you’ll be sent back to where you begun.