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How to Push Your Boundaries in Photography and Life

eric kim cubism - side by side laughing lady nyc

I have a 25% rule for myself— whenever I feel exhausted, finished, or can’t do any more, I try to push myself 25% more than what I think my “limit” is.

The amazing thing is whenever I don’t think I have any more resources or personal strength, I always find it.

1. Don’t settle

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Don’t settle for limits. When you settle, you start dying. If you’re not growing, you’re atrophying. You’re getting weaker, smaller, and less effective.

When it comes to physical exercise, try to do 25% more repetitions than you think you can do.

When it comes to creative work, push your creative boundaries by 25% (whatever you think that means to you)

2. You have no limits

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Know that you have no limits. With an “unlimited” perspective, you will truly reach deep into your own human potential, and achieve things which you think were impossible.

Whenever I think I am out of ideas for blogging, I try to dig deep, and think of writing 25% more. And when I push myself past my mental block, the creative juices start to flow. Then the words magically appear on paper.

3. You are limitless.

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Don’t accept any limits; and your life will be limitless.


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