How to Find Personal Meaning in Your Photography

Tuyen Quang, 2016 (Photo by Cindy)
Tuyen Quang, 2016 (Photo by Cindy)

Dear friend,

I think we are all trying to find meaning in our photography.

Meaningful photography?

What does it mean to have “meaning” in our photography?

  1. It means to photograph what we truly love
  2. It means to photograph what is personal to us
  3. It means to photograph according to our own standards, and not worrying about what others think

What shouldn’t you do in your photography?

A suggestion: what if you don’t know what is meaningful in your photography?

Take a negative approach — take everything in the prior list, and reverse it:

  1. Don’t photograph what you don’t want to photograph
  2. Don’t photograph what isn’t personal to you
  3. Don’t photograph according to the standards of others

What if you lived a life, and photographed it according to your own standards?

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