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Don’t Maintain; Gain

eric kim diptcyh - street portraits

Maintenance is for chumps.

Don’t seek to just maintain — seek to gain.

Don’t stick to the status quo.

Don’t just follow what has done in the past.

Don’t be satisfied. Always push yourself to innovate, be the best version of you, and to help even more people.

How can you gain in life?

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How are some other ways you can decide not to just maintain in life— but to gain?

  1. Never stop learning: Seek to find inspiration from as many different artists as you can. Don’t just trap yourself in a certain genre. The world is your oyster.
  2. Always be experimenting: Don’t think of anything in life as a truth. Trial and error is your best friend. Try things out. Don’t ask others for their opinion. Be a risk taker, and a doer.
  3. Strive for perfection: Perfection doesn’t exist. But striving for perfection can be a worthwhile goal. Know that you will never achieve perfection, but it is a good goal in life to help push you forward.

So friend, what are you waiting for?

Become the best version of yourself, and strive to gain; not to just maintain.


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