cross eric kim red


cross eric kim red

Fuck homophobia,
shit is more poisonous than scorpions

Why do you care who a stranger loves
and dedicates their life to?

I dream a world of sexual equality
when others can look at one another and say
“That’s cool — let them be.”

Whether you’re straight, bi, or questioning
the lesson is
to respect
to love
to understand.

We all need to make a stand
to fuck the hatred weather

To open our hearts of understanding and love
to fly high; peace like doves.

What would Jesus say?
He would say,

“It don’t matter if you’re straight or gay,
you might have been born that way
or not
but we should not
judge or hate one another.
We are all born from the same father
the same God above.
Why would you kill your brother?
Don’t make the same mistake as Cain and Abel
Never label
uplift their souls
like steel cable
to have them proclaim their identity freely
to live with happiness and glee
with joy and love.
Don’t do unto others as you don’t want others to do unto you.
Brothers and sisters; those of you beaten black and blue,
Don’t change your inner-hue.
Stay the shade you are,
achieve your fullest potential; there is no speed limit in your car.

Go far,
reach your potential height
then go further.

I always got your back,
stay on track; and know that you don’t lack
inner-courage, strength, and fortitude
Stay true to yourself; superglue.
I believe in you.

Learn more: LGBTQ Foundation >

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