Information is Everything

Tuyen Quang, 2016 (Photo by Cindy)
Tuyen Quang, 2016 (Photo by Cindy)

For me, I exist to create information, or to improve upon it.

“Information is not only power; it’s simply everything” – Kanye West

I see “information” broadly — as articles, videos, blog posts, my genes (my future children), the words I share with others, the love I give, and the value I give to others.

In the past, those who had information had power. The textbook companies were rich, because they monopolized educational information. The publishing companies were rich, because they monopolized nonfiction information. The media companies were rich, because they owned all the entertainment information.

But today, information is everywhere. Information is free. Information is abundant.

Most people nowadays don’t value information. We treat it as something cheap and replaceable.

Avoid the noise

Tuyen Quang, 2016
Tuyen Quang, 2016

I think the problem of modern society is that there is too much sterile information out there. We are overwhelmed by unnecessary and inane tweets, blog posts, news reports, Instagram posts, Facebook status updates, and YouTube clips.

We are drowning in a sea of information. Information that doesn’t empower others. Information that isn’t useful to others. Information that entertains us, rather than informs us.

Signal over noise

Tuyen Quang, 2016
Tuyen Quang, 2016

Limit your information intake to only “signal”, not “noise.” Only intake information that empowers you, makes you more inspired, and more encouraged. Don’t consume information that makes you sterile, depressed, or frustrated.

For me, I don’t look at social media, the news, or current events. The media focuses on the sensational, the morbid, the negative, and the outlandish. 99.9% of the “news” or “information” out there is driven to catch your eyeballs, your attention, or for you to click on advertisements.

Rather, stick to wholesome information. That might be just reading books, looking at photo books, only having conversations with people who uplift you, and by also creating information that you think will help or empower others.

Share your information

Hanoi, 2016
Hanoi, 2016

Use your information for a good. Share your information. Be generous. Share your secrets, and help uplift others.

Know that your information isn’t just power; it is everything.

Humanity and society cannot grow and evolve without having the right information. And it is those who try to keep their information from us, who prevent others from being uplifted and becoming the best versions of themselves.

I know it is scary to share. We are afraid that if we share our secrets, we will somehow be put in a disadvantage. But know in life, there are no “winners” or “losers.” Life isn’t a zero-sum game. The more we help others, the more we help each other. The more we give, the more wealth and value we create for everyone. Humanity prospers; and you as an individual will prosper as well.

Always be generous with your information, but also be careful of the information you consume.

Information is everything.


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