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Don’t Allow Anyone to Drain Your Battery

6 eric kim street photography tokyo-0000530

If your life were a smartphone battery (without a charger), would you let anyone drain it?

We all know those people — people who just want a little bit of your time, who want to “pick your brain”, or people who secretly want to use your resources or influence to further their career.

Don’t blame others. After all, we are all self-interested.

But the secret to living a full life is to not let anybody skim any of your life away.

Life is a smartphone battery. Whenever you interact with other people, they drain a little bit of your smartphone battery. But the problem is in life, we don’t have a charger.

You’re running out of battery

If you knew that you were only at 10% charge left, would you let anyone waste your battery?

You would only dedicate your precious battery to those who are meaningful to you — your close friends, family, and yourself.

Devote all of your energy, time, focus, to what is truly important to you. Because once your battery drains to 0% — you’re dead.

Stay true to yourself,

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