Happy Holidays from Haptic Industries

Fujifilm x100T + Henri Wrist Strap by Brendan, Sydney.

This holiday season Cinderic will be taking some time off with family, and will not be selling and shipping international orders until February 1, 2017. Amazon orders will still continue to be accepted and shipped as usual.

Thank you so much for the love and support. Let’s ring in the new year!
Hugs from Hanoi,


Cinderic Selfie in Hanoi

Photo Journal

Photo Journal is your new Personal Photography handbook to make your photography more personally meaningful:

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Street Notes

eric-kim-street-notes-a-workbook-and-assignments-journal-for-street-photographers Street Notes is your personalized guide to take your street photography to the next level:

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Henri Neck Strap

henri-neck-strap-by-eric-kim The Henri Neck Strap is a comfortable, stylish, and functional strap that will accompany you on your future street photography adventures:

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Henri Wrist Strap

Henri Wrist Strap
Henri Wrist Strap

The Henri Wrist Strap is for the minimalist in you:

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“The City of Angels”

eric-kim-the-city-of-angels-art-portfolio THE CITY OF ANGELS is an art portfolio made out of organic materials, and responsive to touch:

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Thank you to all the love and support for haptic industries! #streetnotes

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