What is the Focus of Your Photo?


I was going to write an article on the benefits of shooting autofocus versus manual focus— but realized that is kind of a waste of time.

The topic I would rather talk about: what is the focus of your photo? Rather than worrying about how to focus. Why should we focus on a certain aspect in a photo? What are we trying to say with our photos? What kind of emotions come from the photo? And why are we taking that photo?

Photography is a form of communication like any other art out there. We are trying to communicate a certain message, a certain emotion, or a gesture or feeling through a photograph.

How you focus a photo doesn’t matter— what you decide to focus on is what matters.

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What is the most important part of your frame? What do you want the viewer to look at that person or subject in the frame. Why are they important? What are you trying to say? Are you giving the viewer an objective look into a scene, or are you trying to say something more opinionated?

So once again, meditate on this: what is the focus of my photo, and why?

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