Can You Go Higher?

Photo by Michael Steindorfer
Photo by Michael Steindorfer

We all impose limits on ourselves. We lack faith in ourselves, or make excuses.

But ask yourself: “Can I go higher? Have I really hit my limits yet? Can I push myself harder?”

What holds us back?

Downtown LA, 2016
Downtown LA, 2016

The sky is the limit.

I am a believe in unlimited human potential. There is nothing that holds us back physically— the only limitation is imposed mentally.

I always seek to become better, stronger, smarter, and more creative. I have an unquenchable hunger for improvement and growth.

I hear a lot of people who become dissatisfied at their jobs not because they’re not getting paid enough— but because they stop growing. They stop learning. They get bored.

In your photography and life, ask yourself if you can go higher.

If you’re bored by the photos you take now— how can you improve your work? How can you take it to the next level? Does that mean using a flash, shooting when the light is better, trying to incorporate more colors, more layers, or more emotion?

With your personal life, what can you improve? Can you improve your emotions, your relationships, your physical fitness, or your health? Can you get stronger in the gym, become more emotionally resilient to difficult times, and earn more money at your job or entrepreneurial endeavors?

Progress is what keeps us living

BTS photo by Bil Brown
BTS photo by Bil Brown

For me, the thing that gets me out of bed in the morning, and what keeps me motivated in life is knowing that I have a gift or a contribution that I want to make others.

And I know that I cannot continue to help others, if I don’t improve myself.

How can I expect to teach photography, if I don’t improve my own photography and skills?

How can I expect to be a more loving person, if I lose my temper easily and blame others for my own inadequacies?

Don’t settle

Downtown LA, 2016
Downtown LA, 2016

So friend, don’t settle. See how you can go higher. See what areas of improvement you want to see in your life, and give that your 100% focus.

For example, I’m currently trying to improve my writing. The only way to do that is to practice writing more. Not only that, but everyday I’m trying to eliminate more distractions from my life (social media, email, blogs, gossip, negative energy, etc).

Also I always thought my “limit” of writing was about an hour a day or so. But I’ve recently been able to push that to 1.5 hours, to 2 hours, to 3 hours, 4-5 hours, and even more. I don’t yet know what my upper-limit is, but I’m not going to let some “productivity blogger” sites tell me what my limit is. I’m going to discover it for myself.

And for you too friend— don’t ever let anybody tell you what your limit is. You haven’t hit your limit yet. And if you continue to focus on your skills, to sharpen your blade, you will never hit a limit.

I believe in you,