How to Cure Yourself of G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome)

If you love cameras and can’t stop buying them (for the sake of it) I hope you enjoy this video on how to cure our illness. Often we think that our cameras aren’t good enough– but it is ourselves which is the problem. No matter how good our cameras are, they will never be “good enough.” The secret is to be grateful for what we have, to make the best of “good enough”, and to shoot with whatever camera we own.

Honestly, I’ve shot with $10,000 cameras and even more expensive ones– and for those I know who have these cameras, they’re never satisfied either.

Even realize that the smartphones we have today would have been considered miracles by photographers even a few decades ago.

My suggestion: instead of buying more cameras, try to sell/give away your cameras. The more you purge yourself of superfluous gear, the more liberated you will feel. You will have fewer distractions, and more focus in your photography.

I also suggest try to avoid marketing and advertising as much as possible. Whenever I visit a gear-review forum, I feel the pangs of GAS. The same is when I look at advertisements or commercials. Either use an ad-blocker, or avoid visiting these sites all together.

And once again, always remember to practice an attitude of gratitude. Let us always count our blessings, and go out and take photos with whatever we have.

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