What’s in My Bag: Moving to Vietnam/France For 2 Years!

Dear friends, if I haven’t told you yet– I’m moving abroad for the next 2 years. For 1.5 years, I’ll be in Vietnam (8 months in Hanoi, then 6 months in Saigon). After, 6 months in France (3 months in Paris, and 3 months in Marseille).

Figuring out what to pack for 2 years abroad is tough. I’ve never done it. But for my trip, I’m deciding to pack my ThinkTank Perception 15, Ricoh GR II camera (probably going to leave the film Leica at home, because digital is easier to travel with), GoPro Hero 3 (to do more YouTube Videos), and of course my laptop (13” Macbook Pro) and smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge).

I also am packing only 3 pairs of basic clothes (3 uniqlo airism v-neck mesh shirts, 3 exofficio boxer briefs, and 3 drymax socks). A few dress clothes, and my Nike Free RN Motion Flyknit shoes (my new favorite shoes).

I plan on keeping the Kindle and the iPad at home– as I do most of my reading on the Kindle app on my phone. Also I’m trying to pack as light as possible (probably just one backpack, and another luggage for misc. things).

Thanks for all the love and support, will keep you updated with the packing, traveling, and adventure in Vietnam and France!