Street Photography Quick Links: July 2015


Street Photography Quick Links is a compilation of Links, Projects, News, Videos, Events, or anything that is related to street photography or photography in particular that I have personally consumed. Perhaps these might interest you or make you think. If you want to send some links my way, details will be at the post below.

Portfolio Find

Francesca Torracchi

(Website is in French but the language of photography is universal anyway)

She only started photographing last 2012 but she already has a good sense of geometry and structure. She photographs what she wants. There is no certain agenda or message that I can see but I know she photographs in a beautiful manner. Notable favorite of mine is her series “My Parallel” which is about her time and moments with her family because with them, she feels she is at the right place. In those photographs, you can feel the belongingness and family. Bird In Flight magazine features some of her thoughts here

Look at these projects:

On His Own by Pawel Franik via Fotografia Magazine

On His Own shows humans as individuals, as loners surrounded by big spaces. The purpose of the series is to draw attention to the fact of being by oneself, with nobody else around. Minute after minute, we rush through our lives and get lost in the process – shouldn’t we  stop for a moment to take a deep look inside our hearts?

Northeast Hinterland by Kevin WY Lee via Invisible Photographer Asia

NORTHEAST HINTERLAND is a series of nocturnes of the area, when sleep and sight are paradoxical, when histories, mythologies and legacies of the land play hide and seek with the past, present and future of its custodianship. (Excerpt)


Obscura Festival of Photography

14-22 Aug. 2015, George Town, Penang, Malaysia.

So many things are going to happen there from workshops, talks, slideshows, photo books and so much more! I really wish I could personally come and join in the festivities. It’s going to be a great week for Fans of Photography.

Photo Bangkok 2015

PHOTOBKK is a huge, almost month long festival that has so many things to see and a wide range of photography to explore. There’s going to be a talk on street photography on Aug. 29 so be sure to be on that one.

Print Sales and Fundraising 

Luis Liwanag Healing and Fundraising Print Sale

Luis is a photojournalist and a dedicated street photographer based in the Philippines. His son needs additional help for continuos recovery and medication. As such, he is having an ongoing print sale of some of his son’s works. You can check out more about him and his photography here.

Leonard Reyes Print Sale

Leonard is a hardworking Filipino Photojournalist based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. His place was recently broken into stealing his equipment and personal possessions. To get back on track, he is having a print sale to cover the expenses.

Photo Kathmandu Fund Special Print Sale

As many of you know, a massive earthquake struck the country of Nepal. For the first year of Photo Kathmandu, they are going to have a special print sale. It will help fund the rebuilding of the city of Patan whose temples and other infrastructure got destroyed.

General Links 

Chihuahuas In Sombreros via Vantage

MOSSLESS magazine presents the work of one of my photography heroes, Ms. Amy Lombard, as she works on her ongoing series of documenting different types of groups and subcultures. Those who are nervous in approaching or talking to strangers should take note of how she interacts with her subjects. A sincere smile, a genuine interest, and most importantly: BALLS! This is my must watch for this month!

Dayanita Singh: “Dear Aspiring Photographers”  via Invisible Photographer Asia

Many of you write to ask me to look at your work, you write to ask if you can intern with me ( I am sorry I do not reply to each one of you, so this is my reply) I would say to you, choose very carefully the people you show your work to because once you decide who your mentors are, you have to listen equally to their criticism as their praise. Many of my most formative conversations have been with writers, thinkers, publishers, very few photographers.

Jessie Marlow: Savoring the streets of Melbourne via Leica Camera Blog

As much as this is a marketing material by Leica, you still have to admire and respect the ability and skill of Jessie Marlow.

Jetpacks and Vintage Vegas: The Best of Arles Photography Festival in Pictures via The Guardian

Arles is probably one of the biggest photo festivals in the world. The guardian picks some of their favorites of the festival. It might spark your creativity just looking at some of these.

You Will Change: Magnum Photographer Larry Towell has advice for young Photojournalists via Vice

I think the work speaks for itself, I think it will always speak for itself. If the intent is right, it will find an audience—maybe small, I don’t know if that’s bad. And you never know if you’re involved in a struggle, social or political. You never know what effect you’re going to have. It’s sort of like the gears of a clock, one little gear pushing against another little gear pushing against another little gear and eventually the whole clock starts to work but you may be pushing one little gear, and part of the whole process and not even realizing it. So you just don’t know. You can’t change the world but you can be part of the process for change, and sometimes you don’t even know it.

Masahisa Fukase: The Man who photographed nothing but his wife via The Guardian

I think one thing that is common with photographers who produce outstanding work is that they have an obsession. Fukase is one of those. He lets his work consume him and he delves 100% into it.

From the community

Video above was by Slovakian street photographer Lukas Kuzma (@lukysta) over on twitter. It’s him talking about his work and how he shoots. Give it a peep!

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