Street Photography 101 Translated to Portuguese by Caio Proença

street photography 101

I was stunned to hear that photographer Caio Proença recently translated my free e-book: “Street Photography 101: An Introduction to Street Photography” into Portuguese (free download here)! Caio writes a bit about why he decided to translate it:

Caio: This edition was translated from the original book by Eric Kim “Street Photography 101: An Introduction to Street Photography” by free and open manner. I tried to keep the text true to what was written, without adding comments and notes.

I believe that the system adopted by Eric to write, publish, and make posts on your blog is very interesting for students, professional and amateur digital and analogue photography. Currently there are several photography courses the main cities in Brazil, Portugal, Angola and many countries with Portuguese as their mother language.

I am resident of the city of Porto Alegre (Brazil), and learned photography self-taught way. I always tried to talk to renowned and amateur photographers. I never sought to become what Eric calls “a great street photographer”. But I saw in his books an opportunity to publicize the way I learned photography: reading in blogs, websites, books and photographing.

The Open Source system basically works in a simple way: you may share, edit, complement the text the way you prefer. I decided, along with Neil Ta and Eric Kim perform this translation to publicize the book online, so people who live in areas witch Portuguese is the main language would not read a book in English, but perhaps were interested to read in their mother tongue.

I thank Neil Ta and Eric Kim for the initiative, and will continue translating his books If they are interested in, to continue to promote an easy and practical way to start shooting: reading and practicing.

This book does not replace any photography course, only serves as supplementary material.”

Free Download:
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