Photography Quick Links: February 2015


(A.g.’s note: Photography Quick Links is a new initiative I want to do here on the blog. These are links I have personally read and sifted through. This is by no means a definitive guide but for those news stories or news articles regarding photography [but will try to concentrate it to street of course] that you may have missed or I think you should definitely see to help you in your shooting and understanding of the medium. I am still thinking of a permanent title for this one [will double check with Eric] Cheers and happy reading!)

Portfolio Finds:

Hito Ito

For those that love evocative black and white, you might like his work. There is quite a passion and energy as he constantly updates with new work via his tumblr. Worth to check out and get lost in

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Alani Cruz – Rathermakeart

Follow Alani Cruz’s life as he documents his life in and out of the hospital as he battles his sickness.

Patrick Tsai – Barnacle Island

The follow up to Patrick Tsai’s photo diary, Talking Barnacles. Tsai continues the exploration of the non-fiction ongoing photo essay complete with vignettes from his day to day life being spent on an island somewhere in Japan. I’m working on an extensive write-up on his two works. I hope I get the chance to give it the justice it deserves.


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To talk about Nguan’s photographs is to spoil it. His book, How Loneliness goes is one of those books I am currently saving up for because the beauty of the story and his photography is worth it.


News and Other Things

iN-PUBLiC – for Street Parade, Paris 2014 from Richard Bram on Vimeo.


In-public For street parade

A celebration of in public photographers and the 15 years of their collective with a slideshow of some of the members best works


James Nachtwey Receives a lifetime achievement award from the american society of editors

Nachtwey has been a huge influence to conflict photographers for his courage and unprecedented talent in getting access to the places and people he photographs. For all his efforts, he does indeed deserve the award.


Finding Vivian Maier

The next chapter of the Vivian Maier story is not one of latest works or the next batches of her photos but one that is now wrapped in a legal matter. Questions of ownership, copyright, and who stands to profit from her legacy are raised.


Celebrating the Negative

John Loengard got to photograph the negatives of some of the most iconic photos in history including HCB, Andre Kertesz, and etc. An interesting project and seeing the negatives of some of these great photographer in this context is interesting.


2015 World Press Photo Winners

One of the biggest prizes in photojournalism.

 And some other thoughts and reactions:

Debating the Rules and Ethics of Digital Journalism

NYtimes gathers some thoughts from photographers and editors on the large quantity of photographs that were disqualified due to image manipulation. Is massive image manipulation of a photograph become acceptable or the traditional look of images should stay the same?

World Press Photo and the Numbness of Repetition: Stephen Mayes Speaks

The World Press Photo Secretary weighs in on the issue regarding the topics and subjects that are being submitted year after year. Not just cliches but there are communities and topics being neglected.

Kosuke Okahara-NHK Rising Artist

NHK follows documentary photographer Kosuke Okahara as he goes through the process of photographing the Fukushima disaster and how he strives to capture “the physical and

emotional space where people exist”

If there is one thing you will click on this list, let it be this one.

The Robert Frank Collection

Every Robert Frank thing ever on one website. Every little thing that is Robert Frank is housed in this one website. Great for study and excellent resource to understand the work he did.

Photo from
Photo from

If you like Humans of New York

DVA photo is getting cheeky with HONY. Will watch out for their criticism of the said work. For now check out the ff articles about the work as well and try to build an opinion for yourself regarding the viral photographic project: 

On Sentimentality: A critique of Humans of New York – Warscapes

Human of New York goes global – NY Times


Maksim Dondyuk: “Photography to me is like a diary: Snap it and move on”

Maksim won the Remi Ochlik award for his work on tuberculosis patients. In the article, he describes his work ethic, photography philosophy, and the way he approaches his photographic process.

Why Photobooks are on the rise

If you love photobooks and/or planning to make one, this is a must read.

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: Mark Seliger’s Portraits

You think you’re a hard worker? Let Mark Seliger redefine it for you. His amazing portraiture will give you a boost of inspiration.

LPV Podcast – Ken Schles


I did not know who Ken Schles was but after listening to the podcast and peeping some of the stuff on his work Invisible City, it made me wow. Bonus info is the fact that he photographed a Green Day album. Interesting work on thoughts he shared on the podcast.

In the Shadow of the Pyramids – Egypt through the experience of Laura El-Tantawy

Fotografia Magazine made an interesting interview that gives some interesting insight into Laura El-Tantawy’s work in Egypt. More personal than the journalistic, her first self-published book should give the readers a different side of Egypt from what the news shows.

Peter Lik’s Recipe for Success: Sell Prints. Print Money.

Peter Lik broke the most expensive photograph record with his image titled “Phantom” that was bought for $6.5 MILLION dollars. Let the Wolf of Sotheby’s explain it to you.

Henri Cartier-Bresson and Martine Franck: Love Through A Lens 

Since February is the love month, why not close this quick links with the romantic relationship of two artists. The slideshow in the article will make you go awwwwwww…

Till next month! If you have any suggestions on how I can improve the links or a proper title for this, I’m all ears and will check the comments section! Happy reading!