Video: How to Use a Leica M Camera for Street Photography with Craig Semetko

Check out this new helpful video by Craig Semetko (author of “Unposed“) on how to shoot street photography with a Leica M camera. Here are some of the tips he shares in the video:

  • Know the camera well enough to not think about it. Then pure seeing and personal vision takes over.
  • Study the masters, in photography and painting, movies, literature, etc. Looking at Cartier-Bresson’s work never hurt anybody.
  • Practice observing and spend a great deal of time roaming the street. You don’t need an assistant to start.
  • Every situation is different. Work fast. Act like you’re looking elsewhere and don’t know how to use the camera.
  • A sense of humor is fundamental to me, as I believe it is for most people. In my opinion, a story without humor is not being truthful–at any given moment, someone is laughing about something somewhere.
  • Do what you are passionate about. The rest takes care of itself.


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