In this video lecture above, I share some practical tips, thoughts, and philosophies about being “invisible when shooting street photography. You can check out the slides here.

If you want to learn how to overcome your fear of shooting street photography, I also recommend watching my video lecture: “How to Overcome Your Fear of Shooting Street Photography” and/or join me at one of my upcoming street photography workshops!


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  1. Thanks for the video. I can’t find the James Ultinger podcast. I’m probably spelling it wrong. Please shoot me the right directions.

  2. Hi Eric, I appreciate your input as you have shot street all around the world. I think you are right about the zone focus technique but I don’t use it on my 35mm equipped M8 as it is a 1.33 crop so my equivalent 50mm lens may not match up with the distance scale on my 35mm lens?

    I think street photographers can be a bit too dogmatic about the value of always using primes. I recently shot a while with a Lumix dlsr with a 14- 45 lens 28- 90 full frame equivalent and it worked out well and the short range zoom was very useful.
    I think the issue is bringing the camera up to your eye and wonder if TLR shooters fair any better?
    Finally I think that close is not always the best -despite Capa- and you can see some wonderful street compositions at sites like “In Public” that have been taken in such a manner that the subject is relatively small in the frame and so street shooters who are nervous of getting close could practice this first.
    Good luck

  3. Hey Eric, my girlfriend is upset because you havent mentioned the “girlfriend technique”. Thats when you hug your girl and actually shoot a photo of desired target behind her back. Photography-wise it works wonders but your girl might be pissed the first few times until she gets used to it.

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