Working on Layers: Manila Street Photography GoPro POV with the Fujifilm x100s

Lesson: Layers + Working the Scene

In this video I shot with the Fujifilm x100s and pre-focused my lens to around 5-10 meters (manual focus), shot at f/8, ISO 800, aperture-priority mode, optical viewfinder, and worked on trying to get more layers in the shot. The technique I used here was trying to get someone in the extreme foreground in the photo, and the subject in the background sharp. You can read more about this approach in my “Multiple Subjects” composition lesson.

In addition, I also made a conscious effort to stick around and “work the scene” — by taking multiple shots of the same scene, rather than just taking one shot and moving on. The masters rarely just took one scene of a shot and moved on, as you can see in my article: “10 Things Street Photographers Can Learn From Magnum Contact Sheets“.