Introduction to Darkroom Film Developing and Printing with Taylan Bagci in Istanbul

While I was in Istanbul teaching my Week-Long Travel Street Photography Workshop with Charlie Kirk, we both attended an Introduction to Darkroom Film with Taylan Bagci. I hope this video can give you some helpful insight into the developing and printing process, if you’ve never done it before. The entire film is quite long at 2 hours, so I’ve chopped it into the relevant sections below:

Part 1: Introduction to Taylan and Darkroom (Beginning to 10:00)

Part 2: Developing the Film (9min:50)

Part 3: Inspecting the Processed Film (1hr:11mins)

Part 4: Printing Preparation (1hr:22mins)

Part 5: Printing the Test Strips (1 hr:55mins)

If you want to learn about darkroom printing in Istanbul, contact Taylan at or check out his website.