Capturing the History, Culture, and Light of Istanbul: Video Interview with Elif Suyabatmaz from the Tiny Collective

Elif Suyabatmaz is a street photographer part of the Tiny Collective and currently based in Istanbul. My friend Oguz Ozkan introduced me to her beautiful black and white work — which is all shot on her iPhone on hipstamatic. She has a keen eye for composition, design, and emotion in her shot. Hear about her inspirations, technique, and love of black and white in the video interview above. Read more to see her beautiful images.

Photos by Elif

elifsuyabatmaz_04 elifsuyabatmaz_06 elifsuyabatmaz_07 elifsuyabatmaz_08

elifsuyabatmaz_11 elifsuyabatmaz_12 elifsuyabatmaz_14 elifsuyabatmaz_15 elifsuyabatmaz_17






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