Time Flies. On Creating a Body of Work


It doesn’t take too long to create a solid body of work. If you are diligent, you could do it in 2 years. Other bodies of work can take you 5-10 years.

This sounds like a long time, but it isn’t. Time flies by extremely quickly. Do you remember being a college freshman, blinking your eyes, and suddenly you graduated? Do you remember being at your job the last 4 years? Do you remember seeing your kids grow up the last 4 years?

Of course it is always hard to make time for our photography. Life always gets in the way. But if you stay your project or body of work today, you will have images you are proud of in just a short time.

I also advocate working on a series or a project rather than just single images. 4 years working on just single images can net you a few interesting standalone photos. But 4 years working on a project can help you create a memorable body of work, which allows you to go deep into your subject matter and create more meaningful work.

So what do you have to lose? Start your body of work today.