It’s More Fun to Shoot Street Photography in Manila

It has been around a month since I returned from teaching/shooting street photography in Manila, and I finally had the chance to do an update video. My experiences in Manila were incredible, and a huge thanks to Jeff Mercader for bringing me over and to Joel Mataro and the guys at DAAN for organizing everything and really taking care of me. Also of course a shout-out to all of the workshop participants who totally rocked the streets of Manila.

I wanted to do this video to share my experiences shooting street photography in Manila, and why I think it is such a phenomenal country to travel to. I think it is seriously one of the most under-rated places to visit, and I encourage everyone who wants a friendly, affordable, and inspirational place to shoot street photography abroad!

Their motto is really true: it is more fun in the Philippines! And if you are interested in visiting, make sure to post a message to the DAAN Facebook group and say I sent you.

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