“Take Your Street Photography to New Heights”: Introduction to Street Photography Workshop in Dubai (3/22-3/23)


Eric’s Note: I am excited to share that the registration for my Introduction to Street Photography Workshop in Dubai (3/22-3/23) is now open! More info in the post below:

Have you ever walked on the streets and saw a moment that you wanted to capture, but you were too scared to take the photograph? Do you want to become more confident shooting in the streets and learn how to better interact with your subjects? Do you want to meet other street photographers that are as equally passionate about street photography or interested in learning like you?

In collaboration with Visual Arabia 2013, I am excited to announce I will be teaching my popular “Introduction to Street Photography Workshop” in Dubai 3/22-3/23. In this action packed 2-day weekend workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of street photography, how to create visually compelling images, how to conquer your fear of shooting street photography, as well as tips & tricks how to capture “the decisive moment”.

The workshop is limited to 12 passionate individuals who want to take their street photography to new heights. The workshop will be an intimate experience in which you will learn solid fundamentals, get honest & constructive criticism on how to improve your photos, and meet other enthusiastic street photographers. This workshop is ideal for beginner or intermediate street photographers.

Workshop Syllabus

“Jazz Hands”, Los Angeles, 2011

Here is a syllabus of what we will cover in the workshop:

  1. How to conquer your fear of shooting street photography
  2. How to become invisible and shoot without anybody noticing you
  3. How to react to people who get offended
  4. The fundamentals of design & composition in street photography
  5. How anticipate & capture “The Decisive Moment”
  6. The best technical settings to use on your camera
  7. The secret of creating beautiful black and white photographs
  8. How to master editing & workflow in Lightroom 4
  9. How to develop a razor-sharp eye when shooting on the streets
  10. The fundamentals of critique & feedback in street photography

Workshop Overview

Mumbai, 2012

The workshop will consist of presentations with insightful tips and techniques to help you better learn how to shoot captivating street photographs. To help you gain hands-on experience, the workshop less lecture-based and more focused on you shooting on the streets, discussing with myself and others, and learning what makes a memorable street photograph.

During the workshop you will be able to showcase your street photography, and get helpful comments and critiques from fellow street photographers. If you have ever uploaded a photo to Facebook or Flickr and have been frustrated by comments like “nice shot” or “what camera did you use?” you will find the feedback in this workshop incredible.

The workshop will also give you the opportunity to meet other supportive and passionate street photographers that will help you in your own photographic journey. After the workshop, I will make a private Facebook group for everyone in the workshop to keep in touch, continue to shoot together, and build a community.

Workshop Schedule

Friday (10am-6pm)

"3 Men", Los Angeles, 2011
“3 Men”, Los Angeles, 2011

On Friday morning we will meet and introduce ourselves to one another in the group. Then we will start the workshop off with a lecture/powerpoint presentation discussing the fundamentals of street photography, how to conquer your fear of shooting on the streets, and tips about composition when shooting on the streets. During the presentation it will be very interactive — as you will be asked to give your own thoughts, experiences, and opinions.

At lunch (after the presentation) I will give you a portfolio review of 10 images you would like to get feedback on. This will help you better understand what your strengths and weaknesses are, and what you should focus on in the workshop.

We will then grab our cameras and hit the streets of Dubai where I will give you specific assignments to give you focus. I will accompany you side-by-side when shooting street photography, helping you gain your confidence and also giving you tips & tricks on what to look for when shooting. There will also be a focus on how to shoot street photography in a culturally-sensitive way. In addition, I will also give you technical advice on the best settings to use on your camera for street photography.

At the end of the day, we will go out to dinner together where I can continue to give you feedback on the photos you took the day-of. This will also give us more time to get to know one another better and talk more about street photography.

Saturday (10am-6pm)

"Flight", Paris, 2011
“Flight”, Paris, 2011

On Saturday morning you will have more time to shoot street photography in the morning, to catch the beautiful golden light. I will continue to help you incorporate design & composition into your photographs on the street and how to capture the light.

After shooting on the streets, we will return to the workshop location and I will give a presentation on editing & workflow in Adobe Lightroom 4. I will give you many tips & tricks to go through your images efficiently, how to choose your best images, and how to post-process your photos into beautiful black & whites with Silver Efex Pro 2 (a b/w plugin for Lightroom 4).

You will choose your best images from the weekend and present them to the rest of the group. You will be given constructive critique & feedback on your images rather than the shallow “Nice shot” or “What lens did you use?” comments that you might get on Facebook and Flickr. Many people who have attended my past workshops say this is the most rewarding part of the workshop.

At the end of the workshop, we will go out for a final dinner together where we can continue to share our passion & experiences from the workshop. I will also make a private Facebook group for everyone to keep in touch after the workshop in order to build a community of learning.

What you will gain from this workshop

After attending this workshop, you confidence of shooting in the streets will go through the roof, you will know the fundamentals of design & composition to make better photos, and know how to anticipate & capture the decisive moment.

One thing I also want to let you know is that this is not just a street photography workshop. It is a chance to build a community of friends and passionate street photographers that will last far after the workshop is over.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to have fun, improve your skills in street photography, and have an experience that you will never forget.


Travel and accommodation is not included in the workshop tuition. If you need assistance finding a suitable hotel to stay in Dubai, we can assist you. Please contact Neil Ta at neil.ta@erickimphotography.com for further assistance.


I am so confident that you will enjoy the workshop and improve your street photography that I offer a 100% money-back guarantee.  If for some reason after attending the workshop you aren’t satisfied, I will return all your money back in full. I don’t know any other workshops that are so confident that they offer this guarantee!


"Opposed", Zurich, 2011
“Opposed”, Zurich, 2011

Dates: 3/22-3/23 (All-day Friday/Saturday)

Times: 10am-6:00pm (both days)

Tuition: 700 USD (495 USD early-bird discount if you submit the full deposit before 3/3). 

Meals: Lunch is included on both Friday and Saturday.

Workshop cap: An intimate class of 12 participants

Location: Location TBA

Contact : My manager Neil Ta (neil.ta@erickimphotography.com)


If you would like to register click the button below. If you have any questions, please email Neil Ta at neil.ta@erickimphotography.com

After you register, we will send you an email regarding the deposit and payment options.

To secure a spot in the workshop, you must send a deposit.

Register soon, spots are running out for this popular workshop!

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Q: Are there any pre-requisites for attending this course?

A: No there isn’t! This workshop will be best suited for street photographers starting off or wanting to polish their skills who have a general understanding how to use and operate their camera. However if you are a beginner and need more hands-on help, we welcome you as well!

Q: What do I need to bring to the workshop?

A: You will need to bring the following to the workshop:

  • Digital camera (DSLR, Leica, Micro 4/3rds, Point & Shoot, etc).
    • You can use a film camera, but you must get it processed and scanned on Friday night and have it ready to present on Saturday.
  • Laptop
    • You will be required to use a laptop on Saturday to edit/post-process your images. However if you do not own a laptop, let me know and we can make necessary arrangements.
  • Notebook
    • To take down notes during the workshop (all slides will be emailed to you afterwards as well).

Q: What if I need to leave early one of the days / show up late?

A: That will be okay, but please let us know in advance so we could accomodate to your schedule.

Q: What if I cannot attend one of the days, but wish to attend the workshop anyways?

A: You still will be able to attend the workshop. Email my manager Neil Ta at neil.ta@erickimphotography.com regarding the matter, and we can sort it out to best fit your schedule.

Q: What if I still have a question that isn’t answered here?

With any other questions/inquiries please email my manager Neil Ta at neil.ta@erickimphotography.com and we can answer all of your questions!

Instructor Biography

Eric Kim Street Photographer

Eric Kim is an international street photographer from Los Angeles with a passion about shooting and teaching street photography. He has taught over 30 street photography workshops all around the world to over 400 students. He has had his work exhibited at the Leica store in Korea, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Melbourne.

In 2011, he was one of the judges for the London Street Photography Festival and is a contributor to the Leica Blog. In 2012 he also taught a university-level course at UC Riverside Extension titled: “All the World’s a Stage: An Introduction to Street Photography“. His past workshops include locations such as Switzerland, Beirut, Seoul, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne, Sydney, London, Los Angeles, Toronto, Chicago, Stockholm, and Berlin.


Black & White









20120722-Photo Apr 01, 7 39 13 PM 20121106-Photo Sep 13, 2 25 53 AM

You can see more of Eric’s work on his website.

Student Testimonials

Hong Kong Introduction to Street Photography Workshop 2012

“Eric Kim is a great teacher, his passion for street photography is truly infectious. I mean this in the most literal way possible.  This workshop has really pushed me to shoot more often and more consistently.  I thoroughly enjoyed his workshop, I learned so much, met great people and really had a chance to sharpen my teeth as a photographer.  I recommend this workshop to anyone even slightly interested in street photography.  He will challenge you and will take better shots.”

– Jordan Dunn (Los Angeles) 

“Eric’s gift is not just in teaching, but in naturally creating a space where learning happens. And the subject is not just street photography, because I am a better photographer in all directions after taking his workshop. And somehow he creates an amazingly enjoyable and truly human working environment. I can’t remember who i was before that weekend in Tokyo. :-)

– Gregory Lent (Tokyo)

“I attended the workshop because I wanted to learn more about street photography in general and to become more comfortable with snapping photos of people on the streets. The workshop delivered on both accounts. Eric Kim has a great way of encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone in order to get interesting photos. I now feel truly inspired and ready to start exploring the art of street photography on my own.”

– Martin Johannesson (Stockholm)

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Street Photography Workshop Videos

Below is a behind-the-scenes video of a street photography workshop I taught in London in 2012.

Past Street Photography Workshops

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Beirut, Lebanon Street Photography Workshop Participants

Zurich, Switzerland Street Photography Workshop Participants

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Los Angeles Introduction to Street Photography Workshop Participants

Toronto Street Photography Workshop Group Photo

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India Mumbai Street Photography Workshop

Mumbai, India Introduction to Street Photography Workshop (Group 2)

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Downtown LA Intermediate Street Photography Workshop 

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Stockholm street photography workshop

Stockholm Introduction to Street Photography Workshop with Brian Sparks at Fotografiska

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Paris Introduction to Street Photography Workshop with Ludovic Maillard

NYC Introduction to Street Photography Workshop with Adam Marelli

Venice/Verona Introduction to Design & Composition Workshop with Adam Marelli

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Tokyo Intro to Street Photography Workshop with Bellamy Hunt

Tokyo Intermediate/Advanced  Street Photography Workshop with Bellamy Hunt

Kyoto Introduction to Film Workshop with Bellamy HuntSean Lotman, and Junku Nishimura.

Manila Introduction to Street Photography Workshop 2013

Manila Intermediate/Advanced Street Photography Workshop 2013


If you would like to register click the button below. If you have any questions, please email Neil Ta at neil.ta@erickimphotography.com

After you register, we will send you an email regarding the deposit and payment options.

To secure a spot in the workshop, you must send a deposit.

Register soon, spots are running out for this popular workshop!

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