I am excited to share that starting today (Thursday 11/29-Friday 11/30) I will be doing a live-streaming street photography exhibition with the Samsung NX20. The concept is that every 2 hours I will be emailing (via the NX20) my best photos to a gallery space in the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam every 2 hours alongside 4 other street photographers. Edit: footage of the video and shots will be available later!

If anyone is available in Amsterdam to check out the exhibition, see all the details on Facebook here.

Confused or want to learn more? See the video above or keep reading below!

My live-streaming camera setup

Hooked up with a live-action camera (strapped to my head) the Samsung Galaxy S3 (to wirelessly tether) and the Samsung NX20 (of course to take photos). My robocop outfit below:

Samsung Shoot Wow Share Now Live Wifi Exhibition

On Thursday 29 November and Friday 30 November, the first two days of the exhibition, Eric Kim from the US, JB Maher from Ireland, Jens Mollenvanger from Belgium, Nico Chiapperini from Italy, and Jesse Kraal from the Netherlands will hit the streets and take photographs in different cities at the same time.

Each of them will be equipped with a Samsung NX 20camera with WiFi. They will be able to upload their best photographs directly to the exhibition via a wireless internet connection, where they will be displayed on special TV screens for each photographer.In this 2.0 exhibition, instead of pictures in frames, there are Samsung Smart TVs on the wall. The public will get to see the exhibition evolve in real time, one photograph after the other. Furthermore, they will be able see live images of the creative process as it happens.Each photographer will have a small video camera with them. The video images will be streamed directly to the Beurs van Berlage, so that the public will feel as if they are right in the middle of the action! The live video stream can also be followed on Samsung’s Facebook page.

The five photographers will have 48 hours to film their part of the exhibition. But the Shoot Wow, Share Now exhibition will also continue after these two days. Visitors will be able to admire the uploaded photographs and videos in the Beurs van Berlage until Sunday 9 December.

In addition to just looking at the exhibition, the public will also be able to use a Samsung NX camera themselves: they will be able to make a special self-portrait that they can download and use as a profile photograph for Facebook, for example.

The Samsung exhibition will be free so everyone who loves photography and street photography can get involved.

See the live stream here. (look at the count-down at the bottom of the page to see when it starts!)

Photos with the NX20

I tested the Samsung NX20 the last few days, and here are some street portraits I shot with it:

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