Support Street Photography in Downtown LA: Donate to The ThinkTank Gallery Today!

The ThinkTank Gallery in Downtown LA is the home to many street photographers in LA. Last year, I was one of the curators for “YOU ARE HERE” – a street photography exhibition in which photographers spent a week photographing the fashion district. It was a great success, and you can see the video of the event in the link below.

I was at the ThinkTank gallery when it first got started, when it was nothing but an abandoned warehouse with no running water, electricity, and rubbish all over the place. Now if you go there, it is a vibrant and bustling home for photographers, artists, and members of the community to showcase their work and art. If you watch the video at the top, you can see how cool the place really is.

If you want to support the love of street photography (they are in the middle of planning YOU ARE HERE 2), and art in Los Angeles, donate to this cause. Not only will you help them open their doors officially, but you will also get some great goodies (including some of my photos, prints of other work, and more!

Donate Today!

Donate and support this noble cause by using the link below!