“Develop Your Unique Street Photography Project” Workshop with Eric Kim and Rinzi Ruiz in Downtown LA (6/29-7/1)


I’m really excited to announce that I will be teaching a 3-day  (6/29-7/1) street photography workshop in Downtown LA at the Hatakeyama Gallery. I will be teaching this street photography workshop alongside my close friend and colleague Rinzi Ruiz. Rinzi has a phenomenal eye for light, shadows, and excels at shooting in black and white for his street work. He has also taught alongside me for several workshops and has had great feedback from prior students.

This is the last street photography workshop I will be teaching in Los Angeles until middle of next year (I’m moving to Michigan at the end of August), so make sure to attend before you miss your chance!

This will be an intensive 3 day workshop focusing on developing and executing short and long term photography projects.  While the course is open to photographers of any ability, we suggest that intermediate photographers looking to advance to the next level would benefit most from this course.

What Makes Your Style Different From Others in Street Photography?

(Downtown LA – Rinzi Ruiz)

To this day, there are countless street photographers pounding the pavement and shooting anything that moves with their cameras and smartphones.  How does one stand out from the crowd?  How does one build a strong, unique look to their photos to make them memorable and worthwhile to look at?  How does one get photos worthy of gallery exhibitions and photobooks?

If you are an intermediate or advanced street photographer and want to conquer your fear of shooting in the streets or looking to improve your skills to the next level, this workshop is for you. Through this dynamic and hands-on 3-day workshop you will get to learn:

  1. Personal guidance on developing your strengths in your street photography
  2. Building your visual literacy and advanced compositional techniques
  3. Conquering your fear of taking photos of strangers in the street
  4. One-on-one counseling on what to look for when shooting on the streets
  5. How to identify your weakest images and effectively edit and sequence the work in your portfolio or project
  6. How to show your unique personality through your images
  7. How to market yourself as a street photographer and how to get your work exhibited/featured
  8. An in-depth study of famous Magnum and contemporary street photographers
  9. Specialized street photography themes for both days
  10. A unique opportunity to meet and network with other passionate street photographers

Workshop Overview

(Downtown LA – Eric Kim)

Day 1 (Friday Night)

On the first night, we will all meet one another at the Hatakeyama gallery and introduce ourselves. This night will be dedicated for us to brainstorm some potential ideas for our street photography projects, as well as a chance to get constructive critique & feedback from your portfolio. In a group environment, we will review your personal portfolio, identifying the strengths in your work, as well as what you can improve on. For anyone who has been frustrated just getting comments on Flickr like, “Nice shot” or “Great capture” – this will be particularly helpful for you.  This part of the course will help you build your visual literacy and provide a firm foundation in composition.

Afterwards for students who are interested, we will also be doing some night shooting in Downtown LA. If you are interested in shooting street photography with a flash, I can provide some instruction how to use your flash as well. We will then spend more time later enjoying dinner together, and spending more time to get to know one another and each others’ work.

(Downtown LA – Rinzi Ruiz)

Day 2 (Saturday)

On the second day, we will lead a presentation on shooting street photography projects and essays, focusing on your personal style and voice. We will also be studying in-depth influential projects done by famous Magnum and contemporary street photographers. Each student will also be given a personality test to better understand their unique personality when shooting on the streets.

During lunch, we will finish up formulating our ideas for a small street photography project that will be the focus of the rest of the workshop. We will then hit the streets of sunny Downtown LA together, and spend the rest of the day shooting and collecting images that will work for our project.
Each participant will get to shoot individually under the guidance of the instructors, receiving hands-on practical tips.  As the focus of this workshop is projects, we will be looking for images that work well together, including still life and consensual portraits as well as candid street photography using available light or flash.
(Downtown LA – Eric Kim)

Day 3 (Sunday)

On the third day, we will meet in the morning and discuss how our project has been coming along, and you will get direct feedback and critique on the progress of your progress – and figure out what other shots you may need. After shooting, you will review, edit, and process select images from your mini-project with the group and there will be in-depth discussion of our successes and challenges encountered while shooting the project.

The rest of the workshop will be spent focusing on future project ideas with each student.  These projects will be reviewed by the instructor in six months’/one year’s time and the best project will be profiled on my blog! Eric and Rinzi will also be available to answer any questions during the course of the year.

Workshop Syllabus: What we will cover

(Downtown LA – Rinzi Ruiz)

Not only will you be able to identify what makes the work of Magnum and other contemporary street photographers special, you will have the chance to critique and be critiqued on your own work.  By doing so, you can identify your strengths and weaknesses that will assist you in developing and executing your own short and long term street photography projects; ones that truly reflect your individual style and voice.

On both days you will have the opportunity to apply what you learned by working on a mini street photography project, identifying images that work well together for a series. While shooting the streets, you will also receive hands-on on guidance from Eric and Rinzi that will enable you to both prepare for and capture the ‘decisive moment‘.

What you will get out of this workshop

(Downtown LA – Eric Kim)


After attending this workshop, you will be armed with the knowledge and confidence it takes to develop and execute your own short and long term street photography projects. You will know not only what makes a great image, but what makes a compelling series of images.

Remember, this is not just a street photography workshop. It is a chance to build a community of friends and passionate street photographers that will last far after the workshop is over.

Behind-the-Scenes Video

Please watch this video at my recent London street photography workshop to get a sense of how the workshops are behind-the-scenes (shooting on the streets!).


100% Money-Back Guarantee

I am so confident that the workshop will improve your confidence and skills in shooting street photography that I offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied afterwards!


(The Classroom Where the Workshop Will Take Place – Hatakeyama Gallery)


Dates: 6/29-7/1 (Friday night, all-day Saturday/Sunday)

Time: Friday night (6pm-10pm), Saturday/Sunday: (9:30am-6:30pm)

Workshop Fee: $650 USD ($495 USD Early-Bird Special if deposit paid before 6/26) includes breakfasts and lunch on Saturday/Sunday, as well as drinks and coffee. A discount is also available for full-time students as well as prior attendees of any of my workshops. Email me at erickimphotographyworkshops@gmail.com for more information.

Workshop cap15 participants 

LocationThe Hatakeyama Gallery (905 S Hill, Los Angeles, CA) – Google Map

Contact : Eric Kim erickimphotographyworkshops@gmail.com


If you would like to register click the button below. If you have any questions, please email Eric Kim at erickimphotographyworkshops@gmail.com

After you register, we will send you an email regarding the deposit and payment options.

Register soon, spots are running out!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any pre-requisites for attending this course?

A: No there isn’t! This workshop will be best suited for intermediate-advanced photographers who have a general understanding how to use and operate their camera. However if you are a beginner and want to be challenged, feel free to attend as well.

Q: What do I need to bring to the workshop?

A: You will need to bring the following to the workshop:

  • Digital camera (DSLR, Leica, Micro 4/3rds, Point & Shoot, etc).
    • You can use a film camera, but you must get it processed overnight and scanned to present on Sunday.
  • Laptop
    • You will be required to use a laptop on Sunday to edit/post-process your images. However if you do not own a laptop, let me know and we can make necessary arrangements.
  • Notebook
    • To take down notes during the workshop (all slides will be emailed to you afterwards as well).
Q: Are there any discounts for students or returning workshop attendees?
A: Yes! Please email me at erickimphotographyworkshops@gmail.com for more information regarding a student/returning workshop attendee discount.
Q: What if I need to leave early one of the days / show up late?
A: That will be okay, but please let us know in advance so we could accomodate to your schedule.
Q: What if I cannot attend one of the days, but wish to attend the workshop anyways?
A: You still will be able to attend the workshop. Email me at erickimphotographyworkshops@gmail.com regarding the matter, and we can sort it out to best fit your schedule.
Q: What if I still have a question that isn’t answered here?
With any other questions/inquiries please email me at erickimphotographyworkshops@gmail.com and I can answer all of your questions!

Instructor Biographies:

Eric Kim

Based in the urban streets of Los Angeles, Eric Kim is a street photographer who captures thought-provoking candid images of individuals juxtaposed against their natural surroundings.  He brings an academic background in Sociology to his passion for photography, emphasizing social interaction as the signature style in his work, illuminating humanity with a flash and small camera.

Eric runs the hugely popular Eric Kim Street Photography Blog which teaches avid photographers to build up courage, learn the tools, and develop their own unique vision to make great street photographs.  He is currently working on a street photography book and has taught workshops all over the world including in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, Lebanon, the UK, Switzerland, India, Malaysia, Singapore, and Tokyo.

You can see Eric’s work on his website.


Just Dance

Jazz Hands


Downtown LA


Rinzi Ruiz


Rinzi Ruiz is a street photographer based out of Los Angeles. He combines his background in graphic design to create compelling images with juxtaposing lines, shadows, and contrast. He is constantly on the search for light, and his work has been featured at the ThinkTank Gallery as well as the Hatakeyama Gallery.



Behind Glass

Raindrop's Point of View



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“Eric Kim is a great teacher, his passion for street photography is truly infectious. I mean this in the most literal way possible.  This workshop has really pushed me to shoot more often and more consistently.  I thoroughly enjoyed his workshop, I learned so much, met great people and really had a chance to sharpen my teeth as a photographer.  I recommend this workshop to anyone even slightly interested in street photography.  He will challenge you and will take better shots.”

– Jordan Dunn (Los Angeles) and best-of-show for “YOU ARE HERE” street photography exhibition with ThinkTank Gallery and Leica

“This workshop really boosted my confidence while shooting on the street. It made me think more about how to compose a photo and what to look for in my photos when editing and post-processing. It was awesome learning from not one but two of my street photography idols, Eric Kim and Jason Martini! Don’t forget to not hesitate and killers shoot twice! Thanks Eric!”

– Alex Crossland (Chicago)

“I am intermediate photographer who has recently discovered the joy of street photography. Attending Eric Kim’s beginning street photography course was a great experience. Eric Kim is an instructor who is truly passionate about his craft and thoroughly enjoys sharing the art of street photography with others.

In the workshop I was able to get a good grasp of what street photography is all about and over come much of the fear that comes with photographing people you don’t know while in an urban environment. 

This is the kind of instruction you just can’t get in a book!”

-Bob Chambers (Chicago)

“Eric’s enthusiasm is infectious; he is also brilliant!  His dedication to promoting and developing street photography as a genre is remarkable. Thank you Eric!”

– Animesh Ray (San Diego)

“Attending the street photography workshop was a real eye opener for me. I feel like what I learned in the Street Photography workshop is going to affect the way I take pictures in general now and is not just limited to “Street Photography”. Eric also made me think more about composition and how important that is. I look forward to attending another workshop in the future.”

– Dennis Wetzel (Los Angeles)

“Eric is very knowledgeable and giving with that knowledge. There’s no ego or sense of competition … Its all about sharing information, sharing his experiences and letting you know how he does things and what works for him. I got a lot out of the workshop. I love some of the images produced both mine and my fellow workshopers. My true testimonial? If I had it to do again, I’d do it in a second!”

– Greg Jacobs (Los Angeles)

“I love the small group experience. Especially because we had a really cool group of people. Nobody acted like they were the king/queen of photography and we all had a common goal. Eric also let us speak a great deal and that kept things fresh. Also having Rinzi with the group, who had been a part of previous workshops, showed that Eric is legit and knows his stuff. Another plus to that was having another voice to guide us. Shooting with Eric the first day really got the confidence going. I really fed off his energy and style. The second day when we split into groups, I still felt that I could shoot with little hesitation.”

-Brian Quisido (Los Angeles)

“I haven’t touched my camera in years. I am a beginner. If there were a category for SUPER beginners, I would dominate. When my friend told me about this workshop, I was instantly intrigued. You see, I have tons of friends who are into photography and who are professional photographers. How did they all differentiate themselves from one another? I felt street photography did exactly that and I was hooked. 

When I arrived at the workshop, I was surrounded by well…technical people. People who knew their stuff and I kind of got lost in it all. However, these people became a kind and supportive group. Not only were they technical, they were creative and passionate. At least, I can relate to that right?

The workshop consisted of a lot of educating – in slideshows, discussions and guest speakers. Many of us wanted to shoot right away but Eric was right. We needed this foundation and knowledge to fuel our street photography drive and skills. At the end of each day, everyone was ready to take on the streets.  You experience a lot during those hours of walking and shooting on the streets of Downtown L.A. You learn how to read and gauge people’s body language. You learn how to be direct with complete strangers. You build your own self-confidence. Ultimately, you appreciate the art of street photography.

I highly recommend these workshops. Like I said, there are a lot of photographers out there. What better way to differentiate yourself than to capture the rawness and emotions of street photography. It will cost you a pretty penny but can you really put a price on passion?

– Jennifer Cruz (Los Angeles)

Eric Kim Street Photography Workshop is a unique and challenging photography learning experience. Make no mistake, Eric is extremely passionate about teaching as he is about street photography. Interesting examples from the masters like HCB, Eric lectures not only about lines, composition, color and technical semantics, but takes you further into these great minds. How to make the mundane into an aesthetic piece of art. Walking the streets with Eric is a sight to behold, how he is able to get into personal spaces with spectacular results. Eric is able to build his students confidence in a way that cannot be easily explained. Certainly the best thing about this workshop are the quality of people you will meet and bond with during these 2 short days. People who are as passionate and interested in photography as you are willing to help and offer support. If you’re looking to challenge yourself and push your photography skills and experience further, I highly recommend Eric’s workshop.

David Patrick Valera (Los Angeles) Cinematic Artist/Dreamworks Animation

[Read all of my testimonials here]

Reviews of my Past Workshops

Street Photography Workshop Videos

Behind-the-scenes from my Berlin Introduction to Street Photography Workshop

Shooting the Streets of Amsterdam

Behind-the-scenes from my Kuala Lumpur Street Photography Workshop

Some GoPro footage of my workshop students shooting on the streets of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in a workshop sponsored by the Leica Store Malaysia. See how friendly people are on the streets!

Behind-the-scenes from my Chicago Street Photography Workshop

A fun clip showing the highlights from my past street photography workshop with Jason Martini. See the Chicago Day 1 Recap and the Chicago Day 2 Recap.

Student Street Photographs

All of the photographs below were taken by the students at my street photography workshops. Click each image to see the full album!

Hollywood Introduction to Street Photography Workshop (photo by Rinzi Ruiz)
Los Angeles Introduction to Street Photography Workshop (shot by Ibarionex Perello)
Los Angeles Intermediate Street Photography Workshop (photo by Dana Barsuhn)
Chicago Introduction to Street Photography Workshop with Jason Martini (shot by Jayme Sudeth)
San Francisco Introduction to Street Photography Workshop (photo by David Scott)
Mumbai, India Introduction to Street Photography Workshop (shot by Debi Sen Gupta)
Melbourne Introduction to Street Photography Workshop – Image by Amy Yip
Berlin Introduction to Street Photography. Photo by Andreas Weeber. The winning image of the workshop!
Amsterdam Introduction to Street Photography Workshop. 1st place winning shot by Stephane H Hubs
Stockholm Street Photography Workshop Photos. Above image from Mamika


If you would like to register click the button below. If you have any questions, please email Eric Kim at erickimphotographyworkshops@gmail.com

After you register, we will send you an email regarding the deposit and payment options.

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