Interview with Brian Sparks, Street Photographer from Stockholm, Sweden

I am currently staying with my buddy Brian Sparks in Stockholm, and was fortunate enough to also have him as a co-instructor at my 4-day street photography workshop at Fotografiska. In the above video, I interview him at his home (and also get some sweet book recommendations). Check out his work below, and his book/video recommendations!

Photos by Brian Sparks

made in sweden

long wait


united states of work


bit of a mess

jesus christ

Photo Book Recommendations from Brian

Below are some of the photo books mentioned in the video interview.

  1. Street Photography Now
  2. Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Man, The Image & The World
  3. Dennis Hopper: Photographs 1961-1967
  4. Jeanloup Sieff
  5. Joel Meyerowitz
  6. Anders Petersen: From Back Home
  7. Stanley Kubrick: Photography

Movies for Street Photographers

Here are some movies that all street photographers (and photographers) should watch. Thanks to Brian for putting together this list.

  1. Blow Up
  2. The Genius of Photography (BBC)
  3. How to Make a Book with Steidl
  4. Fur (Diane Arbus Story)
  5. Salvador (Photographer journalist to track civil war)
  6. Chuck Close (Portrait of contemporary painter)
  7. One Hour Photo (Robin Williams)
  8. Everlasting moments (Swedish movie about female photographer)
  9. Annie Lebowitz: Life Through a Lens
  10. Peter Beard (Scrapbooks from Africa and beyond)
  11. Manufactured landscapes (Ed Burtynsky)
  12. Bang-Bang Club

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