Featured Street Photographer: Stéphane Daniel from Montreal

Eric’s Note: I am happy to feature the work of Stéphane Daniel, a street photographer based in Montreal. Check out his background in street photography and his images below! 

Stéphane: During my childhood in France I first learned photography from my father, who showed me how to make a right exposure on his Ricoh. To be quite honest, I remember it as somewhat boring. I also remember for Christmas one year, I received a an ugly red full automatic camera. As a student I used to record “souvenirs” on disposable cameras.

The day I finally had a decent salary, I bought an EOS300 and start to travel with it. Until that moment my life changed. I discovered on photo-magazines the way to shoot with a 24mm, I visited photo exhibitions in Paris and fell in love with Depardon, Salgado, Cartier-Bresson and Nachtwey’s black and white pictures.

One day I visited a Leica store owner and after playing with a Leica M6, I was hooked.

I live now in Montreal, the best place for photography in all Canada and I quit my job to be a student in photography








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