Review of the Leica MP vs Leica M6: What’s the Difference?

Just got a mint (used) Leica MP from Bellamy in the mail and have been using it the last 3 weeks. I was using my Leica M6 for the last several months, but the M6 I had gave me some funky issues (my shutter would get stuck at around 22 shots – and it broke on 3 different occasions while traveling). Now I’m using the MP as my main camera, and the M6 as my backup camera while traveling.

The video above is my review of both cameras. In performance they are identical, although the MP has superior interior mechanics and is more reliable. There are also some cosmetic differences.

Interested in buying a film Leica rangefinder? If you haven’t tried it out yet, I’d recommend getting a Leica M6 and a 35mm Voightlander f/1.4 lens. It is a solid combination, and the best “bang for the buck” out there. I have tons of friends who have the combination and love it. Have the cash and want a more reliable and durable camera film rangefinder that will last you a lifetime? Then get the Leica MP and a Leica lens.

In the end, remember that it is always a better investment to buy books, not gear when trying to become a better photographer. But if you shoot with a DSLR and might want to try shooting film, want something more compact and discrete, getting a film Leica may be a good idea to try something new

If you are interested in purchasing a second-hand Leica or Lens, hit up my boy Bellamy Hunt (Japan Camera Hunter) or email him at

Any more questions about the Leica M6 vs Leica MP? Leave a comment below! 

Featured Street Photographer: Stéphane Daniel from Montreal

Eric’s Note: I am happy to feature the work of Stéphane Daniel, a street photographer based in Montreal. Check out his background in street photography and his images below! 

Stéphane: During my childhood in France I first learned photography from my father, who showed me how to make a right exposure on his Ricoh. To be quite honest, I remember it as somewhat boring. I also remember for Christmas one year, I received a an ugly red full automatic camera. As a student I used to record “souvenirs” on disposable cameras.

The day I finally had a decent salary, I bought an EOS300 and start to travel with it. Until that moment my life changed. I discovered on photo-magazines the way to shoot with a 24mm, I visited photo exhibitions in Paris and fell in love with Depardon, Salgado, Cartier-Bresson and Nachtwey’s black and white pictures.

Beer, Gear Porn, and Street Photography with Bellamy Hunt, Eddy Boom, and Darren Wong

See you back in LA soon Bellamy!

Having fun with the boys in Koreatown in Los Angeles. Showing Bellamy Hunt (Japan Camera Hunter) a great time during his last night here!

People featured in the video

Bellamy Hunt

Eddy Boom

Darren Wong

Cameras mentioned in the video

  • Ricoh GR1v
  • Ricoh GR21
  • Leica M9-P
  • Leica M6
See you back in LA soon Bellamy!

Beverly Hills Street Photography POV Video with Leica M6 and GoPro

I have recently been working on a project in Beverly Hills that explores the following themes: wealth, disparity, happiness, image, and gloom. In my last POV video in Downtown LA many of you asked me to edit in the shots, and I did! Note that not every shot is fantastic- but wanted to include the shots as an educational tool to help you better understand how to approach, frame, and capture your subjects.

I am currently shooting with a film Leica M6 and Kodak Portra 400 film. The video was recorded with a GoPro Hero HD 960 video camera.

Featured in the video: Medhi Bouqua. See my past feature with him on the blog here.

What do you think about this video? Let me know how you would like me to change/edit my future videos in the comments below! 

Street Photography POV Video in Downtown LA with Leica M6 and GoPro HD Camera

Just out shooting the streets of the fashion district in Downtown LA with my film Leica M6 and recorded with a  GoPro HD Hero 960 mounted on top of my hotshoe.

LA Streettogs (featured in the video)

Joel Sheiner:

Dana Barsuhn:

Rinzi Ruiz:

Shooting a Film Leica M6 vs Digital Leica M9 in Tokyo

My good friend Todd Hatakeyama (and sponsor over at and owner of the Hatakeyama Gallery (grand opening in Downtown LA this Saturday from 5pm-10pm) recently gave me a his old Leica M6 to shoot with and have. It has been great shooting with it–as it helps me slow down and be more critical when shooting (compared to my Leica M9). I can’t quite describe it, but I feel much more zen when shooting analog vs digital–as I don’t worry so much about the final image but focus on the process of shooting.

Also if you want to pick up a film case from Bellamy Hunt or find a sweet analog camera from Japan, check him out at

Leica Rangefinder for Street Photography – Good Things Come In Small Packages

"Morning Ashram" - Adam Mareli (Leica M9, 75mm Summicron)
"Morning Ashram" - Adam Mareli (Leica M9, 75mm Summicron)

Eric’s Note: For this guest blog post, I am honored to have Adam Marelli talk about his experiences shooting with a Leica M9/M6 for street photography. This blog post will be especially helpful for those of you who currently shoot with a DSLR or are currently thinking about making the jump to a rangefinder. Make sure to read more to see his inspirational images and great thoughts on the pros of using a Leica rangefinder for street photography.

Do you have Leica M9 envy? Then read this.

Leica M9 = $
Leica M9 Money
Leica M9 = $

Let’s admit it–if you are a street photographer and not driving a BMW or Mercedes-Benz, you probably want the Leica M9. Trust me, I want it really badly too–it has been on my mind for quite a while. But honestly, can we justify purchasing a $6,900 camera just because the camera we have doesn’t pay an homage to Henri Cartier-Bresson and all of the other street photography masters? Mind that this is not taking into account the extra $2000 or so you need to purchase Leica lenses as well. So before you plunge yourself $6,900 deeper into debt, perhaps you should read this: