Day 2 in Tokyo: Fun at the Racetrack and Interview with Bellamy Hunt

A funny story of how I got interrogated for shooting street photography at a racetrack for horses in Tokyo, an interview with Bellamy Hunt (how to best shoot in Tokyo), and fun antics with Charlie Kirk in the background!

7 thoughts on “Day 2 in Tokyo: Fun at the Racetrack and Interview with Bellamy Hunt”

  1. Wow Eric, that was a close call:) I’m sure you will have fun re-telling this experience to your grand children. I really liked the Eric Kim-Bellamy Hunt with Charlie Kirk in the background video. Some really good insights from Bellamy around the Japanese culture and how not to shoot on the Japan streets, something i guess you can only get after years of staying in a place and shooting there.
    I would just like to ask you, whether the mere fact that you are shooting in a foreign land whose language you have no clue about, does it have any sort of effect on the process of street photography. I ask this cos, if after a photograph, someone is questioning you and you do not really understand what the person is asking and you just move ahead, some people may take offence to that and that can end you up in a soup if like Bellamy said, that person goes and tattles out to the cops. Would really like to get your, Bellamy’s as well as Charlie’s thoughts on the subject.
    Thanks and best wishes for the workshop:)

  2. I agree with Bellamy:

    “Please be a little bit more considerate”
    “Respect the space”

    And I think these remarks apply to a lot of places, if not everywhere — not only in Japan.

    Good luck with the workshop.

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