“Headlines” Street Photography Contest by Thomas Leuthard

Thomas Leuthard (85mm) is putting together a fun street photography contest that is open to everyone in the world with the topic: “Headlines“. It is free to enter, and can be a great way to get more exposure in your photography. Below is more information about the contest:


The contest is open to everyone around the world. There is no age or any other restriction. The genre is Street Photography and the photos must be taken in a candid way, so don’t setup your photos. There is a minor amount of post processing allowed. This is not a Photoshop contest and your photo will not be accepted, if there are too many changes made. The photos must be uploaded to the “85mm Street Photography Contest” Flickr group. A basic Flickr account is free of charge. There are no special requirements to enter the contest.


  • The photo has to be taken in the month of December 2011
  • The theme for the contest is “Headlines”
  • The format must be square
  • The photo must be in Black & White
  • The photo must contain EXIF data
  • The photo must not contain a watermark
  • Everyone can submit only one photo

The deadline for the contest is December 31, 2011 at the end of the day.

Contest Judges

There are also cash prizes for the contest up to $500 (enough money to finally buy that prime-lens you have always wanted!).

Check out all the contest details here

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