First of all, thank everybody so much for their love and support in lieu of my recent layoff at my job (and my new beginning as a full-time street photographer). I read all of your comments on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and my blog and was truly overwhelmed with gratitude. It is great that you guys have my back, which gives me a ton of confidence to live out this crazy dream!

Also I am still accepting participants for my introductory street photography workshop July 30-31st. If you are interested, please shoot me an email at Continue reading to see more images from my first day being a full-time street photographer!

Photos from Downtown LA with my Flash

Let me know which images are your favorite! Also if you would like to help support me and this blog, please consider purchasing a shirt from my store!

For more information about my introductory street photography course on July 30-31st in Los Angeles, please email me at


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