The 13 Most Inspirational Street Photography Portraits

Big glasses
"Big glasses" - Simon Garnier

Recently on my Facebook fan page and my Twitter, I asked the community to send me their best inspirational street portraits. I cherry-picked these as the best from all the submissions I got. Congrats to everybody who made the final cut! Read more to see the rest of the great images.

Stephen Salmieri
"A Serious Man" - Scott Little
"telephone call" - Fokko Muller
i in eye
"i in eye" - Jason Martini
Take Me To The Other Side
"Take Me To The Other Side" - Ourit
Lionel Lecocq
Brando at the Roxy
"Brando at the Roxy" - Dana
"There's no such thing as too late." - Sonia Nansid
Day Seventy-One
"Day Seventy-One" - Marco Novo
"37/11 Der Streetfotograf. Er erinnert mich stark an Miroslav Tichý" - Henning B.
Market Administrator
"Market Administrator" - Victor Lumunon
Power to the braves...
"Power to the braves..." - Thomas Leuthard

Which image is your favorite? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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